Community Larder

For enquiries about Community Larder, please call 01563 300015

Donate or subscribe to the Community Larder

A number of those we are delivering to and others in the community have asked about options to contribute towards the costs of running the Community Larder during the lockdown.

We have worked with NWKLEUS to set up the options below for existing customers to subscribe or anyone to donate to the work we are doing. However we want to stress to our customers that this is completely voluntary and we would recommend you only contribute if you can afford to.

All of the donations and subscriptions we receive go directly towards the costs of the Community Larder which is run entirely by volunteers with support from Link Up, East Ayrshire Council and NWKLEUS.

We realise also that many of our members are not able to use online payment systems and are working to develop a cash based alternative. We will send out details of this soon.

All the best


Prefer to give a one-off donation instead?